Rebirthing was my gateway for a new life/ perspective.

I highly recommend it to everyone especially for the ones who don’t have time or patience to work on themselves.

During the sessions, I felt:

·       At the beginning it feels like you’re in a maze but you are certain that you will figure your way out.

·       Awkward

·       Stressed

·       Relieving stress

·       Finding your true self

·       Finding out how you treat yourselves and others

How has it changed your life?

I have become more aware in general.

  • More aware/open to the changes around me whether positive or negative ones
  • More understanding of my actions/feeling and the actions of those around me
  • Calmer
  • Living with less expectation
  • Truly believing that all experiences are meant for a reason, your own good    

Can’t wait for my next session