Maria Acevedo

Maria is amazing ! In few months she has truly change my life. Through rebirthing and life scripting is like my life is taking a new path that she has open for me.

Life scripting has been a life changing opportunity for me. Maria enlightened us with her knowledge on how we can rescript our life and also to utilize different powers within us: The power of words, the power of intuition, the power of energy and the power of breath to better us and other peoples life. I truly recommend Life Scripting but most importantly I recommend Maria as she is the one making this course special.


I had sessions with Maria, one was Akashic Records when my mom passed away last May. I came back in Dubai lost, wretched and in pain. She helped me so much in my time of grief and depression. Most importantly she helped me to let go with ease and grace. A few months later, one of my close High school friend passed away due to a horrible accident. Once again, I seek Maria’s guidance and help. Not only did she help me again but she also help my friend and comforted my Friends Widow. Thank you so much Maria. You are such a wonderful soul and blessing to us.


Maria Leonard is the best rebirther I had the honor to receive a session from, and I have done with quite a few by now. Her ever so sharp intuition combined with great integrity and professionalism makes you feel you are in the safest hands for your journey. I was so deeply affected by her touch that I started regarding her as a spiritual teacher of mine.

Susana Zabiela

ThetaHealing Master Instructor – Neurolinguistic Programming Trainer

Amazing rebirthing work! Highly recommended! Maria is very professional, caring and intuitive. 


It was great experience rebirthing with maria, the support and the guidance she offers was very beneficial for me.


Maria is such a sweet soul and is so caring and loving. I had the privilege of meeting her a few years ago and she changed my life. The guidance she provides helps you to stay calm when life throws things at you and helps you to understand why has helped me so much. I am forever grateful for meeting her. God bless you Maria


Every rebirth session that I have done with Maria was an eye opener. Her guidance and serene energy make the whole difference. Thank you Maria Leonard


Maria has changed my life. I am so grateful i had the opportunity and honour to meet her.

Nathalie Cherfane

Rebirth through Maria is like a smooth wave of freshness that takes you closer to your truth.
Once she gets you safely simply lovingly truthfully to the shore, you taste the sweetness of life.
But the wave do come back to the water to experience more until it finish it ride AND rebirth through Maria is always here to bring you back to the source of love!!!!
Thank you for being who you are in search of a truthful life.
You have been a great help and you will continue to be.


Rebirthing was my gateway for a new life/ perspective.

I highly recommend it to everyone especially for the ones who don’t have time or patience to work on themselves.

During the sessions, I felt:

·       At the beginning it feels like you’re in a maze but you are certain that you will figure your way out.

·       Awkward

·       Stressed

·       Relieving stress

·       Finding your true self

·       Finding out how you treat yourselves and others

How has it changed your life?

I have become more aware in general.

  • More aware/open to the changes around me whether positive or negative ones
  • More understanding of my actions/feeling and the actions of those around me
  • Calmer
  • Living with less expectation
  • Truly believing that all experiences are meant for a reason, your own good    

Can’t wait for my next session