Akashic Records

Akashic Records Healing and Reading 


Akashic comes from the sanskrit word “Akasa” which is ether or space; one of the five elements of nature. It is the energetic field; a non-physical plane of existence where all records and information of past, present and possible future timelines, dimensions, parallel realities are recorded and kept. It is considered  a vibration storehouse of energy, mystical knowledge and information that is encoded in the ether and it is also famously known as “The Book of Life”.  


Connecting with the Akashic information and energetic field is a safe and empowering way to change your past records, shift present patterns and see and predict future potentials. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Activating your intuition
  • Tapping into your hidden gifts, abilities and talents
  • Increasing and speeding the healing process of body, mind and emotion  
  • Asking and receiving answers to your questions
  • Clearing past life karma and energetic attachments
  • Accessing your connection to infinite wisdom and guidance
  • Connecting to past on loved ones, soul mates, soul group members, guides, angels, masters and the Creator of Infinite Intelligence 

…and so much more!


You will be able to quiet your mind with a simple guided practice and then connect to your Akashic Records to receive answers, clarity, healing and connect strongly and consciously to your soul’s purpose and guidance.  

What else?

The benefits of working with your akashic records is infinite. You become more aware of the bigger picture of your life, of humanity, of all living beings and of the universe. You become more aligned to your true infinite self and live life more consciously creating and playing.