As humans we have an average of 40 thoughts per minute. Each thought gets transformed into emotions, then into actions which finally reflects into our outer physical reality. We have the ability to consciously choose what we think and what we would like to manifest in our lives by continuous determination in action.

“Affirmations” which are “positive statements” help in creating a reality we prefer through either repeatedly saying, listening or writing them down.

Stopandaffirm is an artistic/spiritual concept based on “written – photographed affirmations”, which Maria came up with in 2014. She started writing down affirmations in her notebook and capturing them in random situations, places and cities. The affirmations were based on inspirations and motivations from her daily life, the people around her and the circumstances she would be in. She then started sharing them on social media to raise awareness on thought patterns and to create a platform for people to transform their unpleasant thoughts into creating their desired circumstances. You can follow the page on and

The #stopandaffirm  is to get the readers’ attention to “stop” and observe their thoughts and then transform it by “affirming” a thought that supports their wellbeing.  On September 9 2016 Stopandaffirm launched its T-shirts for women and girls. The aim of the clothing line is to promote positive thinking through affirmations in a stylish and futuristic manner. Our slogan is Think it. Feel it. Wear it.

This is the first product by StopandAffirm and many more are yet to come.

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