Maria Leonard is a Transformational Coach, Teacher and an Intuitive Speaker.  

She combines the art of Breathwork, Energywork, Coaching, Yoga & Meditation in her sessions, workshops and trainings. She also uses the guidance of Akashic Records to gain clarity and healing from Universal Intelligence. She firmly believes that we all have the power and ability to transform our lives.

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Maria has always been fascinated and curious about human psychology, metaphysics and esoteric teachings. Since her childhood she’s been learning and experimenting with different healing modalities and philosophies to understand energy, human mind patterns, energetic and genetical influences, as well as womb and birth experiences in shaping the persona. 

Her first encounter with the knowledge of energy and wellbeing was when she read a book called Health in Your Hands by Devendra Vora at the age of 10. Not very long after that her strong motivation to understand what lies beyond the physical reality of human nature was when she discovered the astrology book Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs at her uncle’s house in London. She had even done a summary of some of her favourite signs, including hers “Capricorn” to refer to whenever she felt she wanted to learn more about the people around her. She still owns both books. In addition to reading and researching she was constantly around psychics and mediums. She felt early on that following intuition is one of the greatest tools human beings can develop and use. 

Over the years she has done extensive trainings and has gained many certifications in becoming a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Pranic Healing Practitioner, Sacred Activations Practitioner, Master Akashic Records Facilitator, 200 hours of multi-style Yoga Teacher, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Reiki and Quantum Touch Practitioner, and many more. She has a background in teaching and holds a BA in English Literature and a Diploma in Language Teaching. 

She has given hundreds of individual and group sessions, meditation classes, and has designed workshops and trainings, such as Affirmations and Mindfulness workshops. She has produced 2 healing meditation CDs so far with her husband called ALIGN and PROSPERITY 108. She is the founder of “STOPANDAFFIRM” a social media platform, hashtag and clothing line to bring awareness on mindfulness through Affirmations.

Maria continues to learn, expand and strengthen her abilities. 

Her aim is to transform people’s lives, “remind” them of their greatness and bring forth their own unique gifts to live life fully. 

In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband, family, friends and pet dog “Violet”.