What I've learned in my 35 years on planet earth, so far!

Dear Readers,

Happiness to All.

35 years is not a long time, but over the past 5 years I’ve experienced things which felt like decades. I fundamentally believe that all experiences are meant to be “just experiences and lessons”, not good nor bad. However, the personality or “ego” likes to categories situations into very distinctive good and bad. There is nothing “wrong” or “bad” about it, but if we get carried away it can really become destructive. 

Anyway, let me tell you my 5 personal things I have learned so far.

  1. Romantic Relationships: Don’t plan on changing your romantic partner. That’s not your job! Acceptance is a very important key to help a relationship blossom. If you can’t accept nor tolerate your partner’s habits and characteristics, first communicate about what is bothering you without pointing fingers they are “wrong”, then have patience. If that doesn’t work, walk away but not before reading the second point.

2. Self Love: You can’t love nor receive love if you don’t appreciate yourself first. Self love, in my combination is self worth and self appreciation to say the least. Do not mistake to selfishness your self love shouldn’t be harming anyone else. Evaluate your self love and then focus on romantic relationships.  

3. Success: You are always successful, because what you think you create. You might not beaware of it, of course you won’t but your subconscious is doing what it does best; running on old programmes. True success is what makes you content. So focus on what makes you joyful, then continue to daydream and plan. One of my blogs called The 3 As for quality living can help a lot in this https://iammarialeonard.com/2018/05/11/myblogs/.

4. Healing: Some people want to get healed and they nag about it, but deep down they are so used to the state they are in, they refuse to change their mental state. Notice I said mental state, because I have known many who would take actions by going to doctors, healers, read books etc, but their mental state or belief system is still the same. Always tackle the belief system to get ultimate healing. 

5. Happiness: I’m reading Aristotle’s book on happiness lately and I am amazed by how all the “new age” positive thinking techniques are similar to what he had said around 2400 years ago. Bottomline, if you think that person, thing, place, situation will make you eventually happy, sorry to say it won’t. It can for a very temporary period, but we complex beings (I think we are complex) won’t have a lasting feeling of happiness. Let anything that exists out of you be a bonus and not the ultimate aim for your happiness.

I think I could write a book on all these topics and even more, but that’s it for now. 

Happy Birth-day to me!

Thank You.

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