Mindful Bucket List (for the holiday season)

It’s that time of year where we are bombarded by sales, gatherings and family obligations. As beautiful and exciting it might be, many go into debt or feel left out during this season. 
Be mindful and break the collective habit of mindlessly spending and putting yourself or others under pressure.

Here are my 5 tips that can help you and others enjoy the festive season.

  1. Invest in yourself: It’s exciting to buy yourself a new sweater or the new iPhone. However, this season invest your money in something that can have a long term impact on your wellbeing. Enroll in an online course, buy  a product that adds value to your peace of mind like a book, crystals, himalayan lamps, etc…,   be part of the Life Scripting Training Dec 13-14  https://iammarialeonard.com/life-scripting/  or try something new that will add to your life’s experience. Unless you have been saving for months to buy something, the previous investment ideas will make you happier for longer. 

2. Donate – Sponsor – Volunteer:  There are many in need and who don’t have loved ones around. Find a cause that warms your heart. I love how Tony Robbins says “The secret to life is giving”. Remember the more you give the more you receive. Don’t hold yourself back from receiving as well, because life is at it’s best when in harmony and balance. Being in the UAE and being passionate about animals there are many independent rescue teams who have outstanding vet bills or need people to foster cats and dogs. https://www.instagram.com/stray_dogs_center_uaq  https://www.instagram.com/para.ae/ https://www.instagram.com/adoptafrienduae/



3. Listen more, talk less: When you connect to friends, family, colleagues or even strangers, listen to what they have to say. It can be a very emotional time because the collective mind of humanity during this period is affected by what is being marketed on TV and in shops/malls or most importantly on social media. Be a person who is there to uplift others and make them feel they are accepted for who they are. Of course this doesn’t mean you need to be an empath i.e. a person who absorbs others emotions and then feels drained, but to be mindful of other’s emotions. In contrast, if you felt judged by family members for still being single, or have put on some weight, turn the situation around into a humorous joke than taking it personally. Some people don’t have the “mind filter” while commenting, let them be and surround yourself with loving golden ball of light. Your energy will change, thus your thoughts and emotions will change, and you won’t be easily affected. 


4. Find out what they really need: Some just buy gifts for the sake of buying or showing off that they have a certain amount of money. Ask what your loved ones needs, if it’s something that you can’t afford, I always believe by giving a letter or note or appreciation to them uplifts their spirits. Don’t worry about their expectations, some might appreciate it, some might not. When you know you’ve done your part, it will keep your energy and mind at peace. You can also decide with others if they would like to contribute if the amount of the gift is huge.

5. Don’t go into debt: The most important of all is this. You have debt, paying them as much as you can should be your gift to yourself. Here is another thing to think about, don’t get upset with the idea of debt, the more you are, the worse it gets. Be thankful for the things, services you have received while you have gone into debt for. Clearing money that you owe to the bank, or others will give you a fresh start.

If you found these tips useful, please share them with your loved ones and let me know what you think. Always enjoying hearing or reading your feedback.

Happy Holidays

Love Maria 

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