Taming the Ego

Dear Readers,

Happiness to All!

When we come on earth, we go through different trials, different emotions, different experiences. That’s the whole point we choose to be here.

It’s a choice and we have often forgotten it has been our choice of growth and our choice of evolution as species and as consciousness.

Probably the most  fundamental obstacle we face to reach to a higher state of consciousness and higher state of being is our one and only “Ego”.

For centuries intellectual and wise human beings have talked about the participation of ego in every decision every feeling that it takes part and most of in the shaping of ourselves, our “I”. 

Many forms of advice and techniques have been given and continue to be given to us to evolve and transform our so called “ego”.

However, it is essential to almost all of us to gradually and gently work with “it” and to accept and to love it first and to “tame” it later. 

The higher self or some call the “soul” doesn’t really mind if it takes a period of time, since time is an illusion created by us in our reality. 

Taming the ego is observing it. It is being aware of its desires and its manipulations. Its bond with the physical mind. It’s not there to intentionally harm but that is what it has to offer until it transforms and shifts to the vibration of “Love”. Love as in selflessness and as in unconditional. 

Photo credit: Katie Aun

It takes a few trials, a few pitfalls, a few emotions surfacing, which one might think they didn’t even know existed in themselves, a few contemplations and eventually to a state of “mastery”. 
A state that all souls have the ability to reach, which all souls have chosen to reach eventually, since its part of the evolution of the universe and evolution is constant and infinite. 

Thank you

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