Am I on the right path?

Dear Readers,

Happiness to All.

Many wonder if the life they are living is the best for them and if it can ever be changed. 

Many are ambitious while others feel lost and it may seem on the surface that the latter is not on the right path. However that is far from the truth. 

We as humans are boxed to believe that certain traits of personalities, certain actions and certain lifestyles are the best and are superior and/or the right way compared to the rest. It’s crucial to know that is a man-made belief and not the highest truth of divine intelligence “God”.

Each experience you have in life is perfectly curated for you and your highest self or soul knows that to be true. It is only the logical mind or the ego that has judgments. (I personally see the logical mind and ego as the same. Why? because their perception of life and reality is limited.)

Your experiences in life whether they are bringing you pleasure or not are 100% your own perception, which you have subconsciously allowed to be based on: 

  • your upbringing
  • the cultural & religious background you are connected to
  • your ancestral lineage 
  • the overall human collective set of beliefs

Why don’t you start by giving yourself the permission to accept that you have allowed and absorbed these ideas of what the “right” path or “right way of living is. Let it be a gradual process of self-evaluation and self-compassion. While going through this phase of understanding yourself, do not get dwelled in the idea of blame. It is one of the easiest and common traits we have as humans and it stems from the belief that we are victims. 

Repeat as often as you need:

I am the creator of my own reality”.              “ I create my life with divine grace”. 

These two statements or affirmations can immediately remind you to not fall into the loop of victimhood and let go of blame. 

If you are questioning your true path in life or are at crossroads, instead of asking yourself or seeking to find the “right answer”, give these questions a try to receive clarity:

  • How much joy is your current situation bringing you? 
  • Are you trying to please anyone? 
  • Do you believe this it the “only” option for you?
  • What can you do to change your current situation? 

When you question your motives behind a certain life choice, you know what is hidden in your subconscious that is your driving force to create such a life. 

The right path is the path you consciously choose yourself, just because you have not seen, felt, or experienced something before it doesn’t mean it is impossible to happen. Our own evolution as humans is to be fully conscious of our choices, to accept what we have chosen so far and allow ourselves to be free from limitations to open up what our soul can teach us more about ourselves and our potential in this lifetime. Get excited! 

Thank you

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