Transforming Pain

I wrote this in November 2015 after experiencing a painful miscarriage.

Dear Readers,

Happiness to All,

The pain of any kind of loss, is the “disintegration of the ego self”. When a perception such as this is set clear in the subconscious mind, all losses are victories. The intelligence of the universe and the soul of every living being is far from the limits of the mind. Yet, the mind is still powerful to manipulate and self-sabotage itself. 

Colouring mandalas during that period was healing for me.

The more we purify our minds, the easier we connect to our inner being and infinite intelligence. 

When we honour ourselves in the darkest of our moments, when we respect the process which is given to us through the law of attraction and the law of karma, we rise above those moments faster, with more patience and as a result with more compassion.

Patience is the seed of love and compassion. Without patience the latter two are incomplete. 

When one goes through pain, it’s patience and faith that allows the transformation to take place. Emotions such as anger, resentment, envy, jealousy and pride are destructive to the process and hinder the process of experiencing the blessings behind the so called “experience” in this physical reality. 

It’s not easier said than done. It can be achieved. One only needs to first shift their perspective and will then notice the difference rather than holding on to the unhealthy emotions so tightly. It’s being attentive which is necessary, and that is not a special skill that only certain human beings have. It’s the desire and will to be attentive, in order to be gentler and loving to the self in any given unpleasant situations. Once attentive, the agony dissolves and faith kicks in. 

A process which I ended up learning, taken from my stopandaffirm IG page.

Acceptance of any kind of pain and being attentive to it is human mastery. It’s a mastery we are all here to gain and achieve, with no exceptions

Rewards of acceptance are limitless and not only on the physical reality we live, on different dimensions which still the mind struggles to linearly understand. 

After all in our reality, pain is inevitable only if we see at as pain! 

Thank you

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