ChangeMaria Leonard

Dear Readers,
Happiness to All.

Change is the integral part of our soul’s evolution. The magnitude of this takes place in our physical form, i.e. human bodies.
Every lifetime consists of numerous changes that one tries and learns to adapt. Without change there are no obstacles to face and overcome, no sensations and emotions to discover, no characteristics to eliminate and empower.
What the irony is that, we as humans fear change to a certain extent, yet it is the one of the truest certainties in our lives.


Change is inevitable. Some are born with the skill of adapting to change rapidly, others are learning to will it strongly, while others resist it completely.

Adapting to change frees us from attachment, thus suffering.
What is needed is the rewiring of the human consciousness to the idea of change, that change is excitement, change is good, change is safe and change is born within the life cycle from the beginning of time.

Working on accepting change is sure to bring results of happiness and once the acceptance is there the habit is created and the evolution of human consciousness has shifted, shifted towards its true essence of being a spark of creation, towards it’s real self to allow a whole new level of awareness filled with love and loving creativity to elevate the species we are now in to something greater and unimaginable. Atleast for now!
Let us make change our long lost best friend.

Thank you


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