So, what is the mind?


So, what is the mind-2

Dear Readers

Happiness to All

What is it about the mind that we are so fascinated to understand?
​First, how friendly are you with your mind? Do you try to control it? or does it control you?

We need to establish the thought that the mind is not your true self, your higher soul. The mind is a part of you that is alive and working when you are in a physical body. Therefore, as many masters and wise ones say, do not believe everything your mind tells you.

​Yet, it is powerful because it is the root of our actions. What we do, how we act and react are in essence the result of what we think.

So what to do about it?

20180709_105020 (1)
Befriend it, observe it, watch what it says and how it says. Notice the feeling behind the thought.

This is not enough with a 10 minute or however many seated mediation sessions. Those are simply methods that can lead you to the way of “awareness”. The aim is to create a  new habit that the mind isn not used to and to integrate it fully. That is real transformation.  Also, ​The key is not to wrestle with the mind, not to judge it. Remember it is part of your human nature!

Awareness is the first step, the next steps are accepting that these 95% habitual thoughts have been created and then to take full responsibility by acting upon them. Repetitive new thoughts erase the old hard wired thoughts.

​Finally, once you become friends with your mind, you get to see its true colours of how much it longs to be loved and when it truly knows its loved, it will love in return effortlessly and the true light of the soul starts radiating and “enlightenment” becomes an obvious reality now!

Thank You

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