The Power & Freedom of Forgiveness

The Power & Freedom

Dear Readers,
Happiness to All.

So much has been said on forgiveness, yet as humans we still struggle in practicing it.
Forgiveness is the process of allowing yourself to be free.
When one begins to understand that forgiveness is an act of self-love, the truest transformation begins to take place in one’s life.
Many say “it’s easier said than done” and I say “it’s easier than the mind wishes to believe”.
The mind is mostly synonymous with the ego, or at least I see it so. When the ego is so called “hurt” it automatically turns itself either to a “suppresser” or an “opressor”. It either thinks of revenge or how to hide itself.
The irony of it all is, one co-creates with the one who hurts them. It’s an action of learning, an action of realization and more awareness. It’s an opportunity to evolve and heal past wounds, which have been not only the physical one has, but in many other bodies one has lived in.

If you observe carefully you tend to see a similarity in relationships within a family and their ancestors. A child carries almost the same amount of love and fear as her or his parents. The child grows up and falls into a relationship that is similar to her or his parents. When one is aware of this, they can easily shift the reality through forgiving themselves, parents, and ancestors.

When forgiveness takes place, it is of multidimensional healing of what the mind has created for centuries.
Only those who courageously step into the fields of forgiving themselves and others move forward gracefully and learn what they are here to learn.

It is crucial to remember one’s soul is not a sinner, it is the makings of the mind that create the unpleasant circumstances. Therefore forgiveness is for the mind’s ignorance. Don’t fall into it!


Forgivness is a continual practice which we need.
The human mind is jammed with thoughts of guilt, anger, fear, blame and victimhood, to mention a few. All these thoughts are forms of judgement to oneself or others.

Notice how many times throughout a single day we form such thoughts and act upon them. The very accumulation of all these create diaharmony in the body and different forms of illnesses start to manifest.

When awareness of these thoughts take place and the realization of how unloving they are, we begin the path of forgiveness.

​Forgiving ourselves for disconnecting ourselves with our divinity, our higher soul and forgetting the divinity of others.

Let’s start off by gradually allowing the thought of forgiveness everytime we come to realise our harmful thoughts. Then connecting to our heart where the seed of forgiveness grows bigger and bigger. Finally letting go of the past thoughts and actions with the emphasis of now is the truth, now is all there really is.

Layer after layer of constant forgiveness comes back our power of love and enjoy the freedom of serenity.

Thank you



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