The 3 ‘A’s for Quality Living

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Dear Readers,

Happiness to All.

There are many tools that have been created over centuries to help the human experience be limitless in possibilities. The very limitations the mind limitlessly creates is what humans strive to overcome either consciously or unconsciously.

For now, what is discussed here is another creative tool that allows any person to overcome “unpleasant situations” or “sufferings”.

It is useful to remember that each person has its own set of beliefs with specific preferences on what “life is” and which has made them to believe who they are at this point in time. The interesting point is that any set of beliefs can be transformed fully!

As a result this 3 step cycle can allow anyone to open up to unlimited possibilities and achieve results that they long for in their current physical human experience. They are the 3 “A”s



The first step to awareness is to actually remember that you are alive and to continue on reminding yourself that you are alive. Sounds simple? Go ahead try it for the next 10 minutes and gradually add the minutes in the coming days. This then simultaneously leads to the awareness of breath. Noticing the inhale and exhale is the simplest way to bring one’s awareness to their livelihood.

Once a certain number of times and a habitual practice of awareness starts to get established, it becomes easier to watch the thoughts that pass through the conscious, alert and aware mind. It starts to surface what has been inhibited on the backseat or what is called “subconscious”. It is necessary to remember the we label these words to simply pass on information intellectually. What we will slowly notice is certain beliefs start to dominate the conscious mind.

Whatever the situation which the person is struggling from at a specific point in time, the awareness activity helps to bring them into a moment of stillness which is “the glorious now moment”. Through the combination of reminding the self of its aliveness in a breathing flesh, the beliefs associated to the “situation” starts to arise. These beliefs will be in forms of numerous thoughts. Just by watching these thoughts a person can become in an awareness of their own belief system which has made them feel a certain way.



After being aware of your current emotional and mental state, and by knowing and understanding to a certain extent why you have created it, you then start to incorporate acceptance.

Many will start to develop emotions of anger, guilt and/or despair. These emotions can take a person away from where they actually would like to reach, which is “contentment and joy within”.

It is important to remember that everything created in our lives is not simultaneously and chronologically built up purely by ourselves. There is always co-creation taking place and it is interwoven. Therefore, judging oneself or another for their previously held actions will not make the process smoother nor easier.

To reach to acceptance of the self and all that is present in your life at this point in time, a fundamental habit must be created, and that is gratitude. Gratitude is the simplest tool that transforms the mind radically which causes a ripple like effect to the energy body, the physical body and to the outer circumstances of your life. Knowing that any amount of gratitude however big or small, however common or personal, is powerful and creates the path of acceptance.

This necessary step of self-acceptance and the acceptance of the circumstances we are in, will eradicate the ongoing judgment that has fueled us for centuries from lifetimes after lifetimes, and impregnated DNA. Thus, a person’s life begins on its journey of transformation.



​Action is what takes your physical reality to a completely new level where you start seeing tangible results.

There is a huge difference between compulsive action and acting intuitively. We are very much driven by compulsion than reflection and contemplation. That is why awareness and acceptance are crucial before one takes any form of action.

Any situation that you may be in right now, is the result of the accumulation of previous actions led by the unconscious thoughts and your DNA structure.

Believing that there is no escape or no choice from getting out of an unpleasant situation is actually degrading your own self and taking away the power you are gifted with.

Actions create reactions and the wheel starts turning. Many call this “Karma”. If you wish to not create the same reactions, you should change the course of action you take. 

Many people like to blame or fear Karma. It has been heavily misused and circulated to cause fear or even revenge.

Karma is nothing more than the process of “action & reaction”. 

It is simple in this form, but complex for the mind to see the internally woven weblike actions that one has taken in a course of a lifetime and even lifetimes.

To break free from the repetitive unpleasant experiences, one’s own awareness level and acceptance guides them to take an action that won’t cause them to regret or also suffer.

All of the 3 “A”s Awareness – Acceptance – Action is a cycle for human beings to break free from the need to suffer and experience pain to live joyfully. 

At any moment in time, observe yourself and see which “A” are you at, by certain amount of practice and determination, relative to each person, all 3 blend together gracefully and one goes on experiencing life fully.

Thank you

Love Maria


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